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Rights of Non-Muslims Under Islamic Governance

There is no Darul Islam in the world today. By Darul Islam we mean a territory where the Laws of Allah are sovereign and where the security is in the hands of genuine muslims. Today the world has no example of a full Islamic system whereby Muslims and Non-Muslims can benefit from the security, progress, justice and mercy of the supreme Divine Law. However, even in the absence of Darul Islam Muslims are still supposed to be following the Islamic law as much as possible, individually and collectively. In Islamic history millions of non-Muslims lived in Darul Islam under an Islamic authority and law, millions of them eventually embraced Islam due to the supremacy of that system. Today millions of Muslims in every continent are calling for the return of Darul Islam as they have tasted the horrors and oppression of the dictatorship of man-made law in all its various forms whether Democracy, Communism, Socialism, Nationalism, Monarchy or Military dictatorship. The main obstacles today to the return of Darul Islam are the oppressive regimes [i.e. rulers, governments, armies and police forces] that exist in every Muslim land and their support continuously granted from the colonial and neo-colonial governments of the secular world such as France, Britain, Russia and the USA. Al Hamdulillah despite the absence of the practical secure domain of Islam there is at least the preservation of the Quran and Sunnah [example of the prophet Muhammad <saw> through his actions, speech and consent] whereby non-Muslims and Muslims alike can discover and apply as much as they can from the supreme Divinely ordained way of life which millions are still turning to in recognition of the best interests of the people of the world, that is for this life and the life hereafter. Below are some of those rights which Islam guarantees to the non-Muslims living under a genuine Islamic authority in a land genuinely secured by Islamic governance:-

1) Right to life. The Ahl adh-Dhimmah [non-Muslim citizens of Darul Islam] and muaa'hideen i.e. those who have a permit to pass through granted by other Muslims or the government, must not be harmed in any way. They should even be protected against foreign invading enemies. A'bdullah ibn U'mar reported that the Prophet (saw) said "Whoever kills a muaa'hid will not smell the fragrance of paradise, yet its fragrance can be smelt at a distance of forty years journey." (BUKHAARI) and Abu Bakrah reported that the Prophet (saw) said “If anyone kills a man whom he has granted protection pre-maturely, Allah will forbid him to enter paradise.” (ABU DAWOOD) and "Anyone who kills a dhimmi will not smell the fragrance of the garden." (NASAA'I) and Allah (swt) says "...if anyone killed a person not in retaliation for murder or for spreading corruption on the earth, it would be as if he had killed the whole of mankind..." (al Maai'dah 5:32) and A'li reported the following hadeeth "...nor should one who has been given a covenant be killed while his covenant holds." (AHMAD, ABU DAWOOD, NASAA'I and graded 'saheeh' by AL HAAKIM) The classical Islamic scholar, Imaam Ibn Hazm of the Zaahiri school of law said 'If one is a Dhimmi, and the enemy comes with his forces to take him, it is our obligation to fight the enemy with soldiers and weapons and to give our lives for him, thus honouring the guarantee of Allah and his messenger. To hand him over to the enemy would mean to dishonour this guarantee.' (IBN HAZM in 'Maratib al Ijma') Look how different this noble and merciful law is compared to the nationalistic and hateful laws and policies of secular nations such as the USA and Britain who regularly massacre thousands of citizens of foreign nations through the means of Weapons of Mass destruction. For ten years Iraq was regularly bombed by the USA and Britain and then came the second invasion of Iraq which massacred at least 10,000 innocent civilians including many women and children. Let us also look to those assassinations performed by the American C.I.A. which we can accurately call the murder of people who have had no trial and no proven crime, what kind of law of the jungle does man made law allow? Look to all of those evil, oppressive, secular regimes in the Muslim world which murder their own citizens while being equipped and supported knowingly by the likes of France, Britain and the USA.

2) Not to be harmed or tortured by the government or any Muslim citizen even during cases of imprisonment for proven crimes except in matters such as retaliation for proven crimes according to shari'ah laws. It is reported that the Prophet (saw) said "He who hurts a dhimmi [non-Muslim citizen of darul Islam] hurts me and he who hurts me annoys Allah." (TABARAANI in 'Mujam al Awsaat') and "Whoever hurts a dhimmi, I am his adversary, and I shall be an adversary to him on the Day of Rising." (AL KHATEEB) and "On the Day of Resurrection I shall dispute with anyone who oppresses a person from among the People of the Covenant, or infringes on his right, or puts a responsibility on him which is beyond his strength or takes something from him against his will." (ABU DAWOOD) The classical Islamic scholar of the Maaliki school of law, Imaam al Quraafi said 'The covenant of protection imposes upon us certain obligations towards the ahludh-Dhimmah, they are our neighbours under our shelter and protection upon the guarantee of Allah, His messenger and the religion of Islam. Whoever violates these obligations against any one of them by so much as an abusive word, by slandering his reputation or by doing him some injury or assisting in it, has breached the guarantee of Allah, His messenger and the religion of Islam.' (QURAAFI 'Kitaab al Furooq') Let us compare these merciful and peaceful guarantee of rights with those evil regimes such as the government of the USA which captures civilians from sovereign nations with no trial and no evidence and then holds them against their will in torture camps, where they are regularly beaten and where their beliefs are mocked. Look at the history of British colonialism and how it invaded so many lands for economic gain and would tie the indigenous peoples to cannons which they would then fire. Look at the barbaric, racist and secular state of Israel which regularly tortures the Muslim civilians and look to how the government department of trade and industry in Britain was exposed by its own media for assisting private companies to export torture weapons to anti-Islamic regimes in the middle-east so that they could torture Muslim people who call for Islamic law. Look at how in the public arena the Secular governments in the USA and Europe adopt a façade of human rights but in reality conceal a massive program of systematic murder and torture. O people of the world! Wake up to the justice of Islam and the evil of the regimes which oppress the world.

3) The Right to maintain their own religion and its rituals. The non-Muslim citizens of Darul Islam will not be forced to become Muslims. Indeed the Islamic belief is only valid when it is actually believed in. Allah (swt) says "There is no compulsion in religion, the right path has become distinct from the wrong path" (al BAqarah 2:256)

4) Right to Food, Shelter and Clothing. i.e. The basic necessities of life. U'thmaan ibn A'ffaan reported that Nabi (saw) said "The son of Adam only has a right to three things, a house to live in, clothes to cover his nakedness, and dry bread and water." (TIRMIDHI who said 'hasan-saheeh') This ruling does not only apply to the non-Muslims who are free but also to the slaves among them, as Abu Hurayrah reported that Nabi (saw) said “A slave is entitled to his food and clothing and he should not be burdened except with the work that he is capable of doing.” (MUSLIM, Bulooghul Maraam [no.977]) We contrast these human rights granted by Islam to the international economic policies of American and European governments which are happy to see millions of foreign nations starving to death as long as the import of luxury goods continues as those peoples lose out to corporate interference in their basic needs.

5) Right to security so that he/she can benefit from the Supremacy of the Islamic system and be called to Islam. Allah (swt) says “And if anyone of the Mushrikoon seeks your protection, then grant him protection so that he may hear the Word of Allah, and then escort him to where he can be secure, that is because they are men who know not” (at Tawbah 9:6) Compare this to the governments of nations such Britain, France and the USA who are keen to propagate their way of life through force of bombs in some cases and in other cases are willing to support oppressive regimes which totally contradict the principles and rights they claim to stand for. However, these secular regimes make sure that their economic interests come first in allowing people into their countries as they have an annual limit of migration to their lands, indeed they seek to expel many people who sought refuge due to the evils of governments supported by American and British foreign policy. How different is the case with Islam which obliges the Muslim ruler to the one who seeks refuge from oppression of man-made law and tyranny.

6) Right to be called to the mercy of the Islamic belief and way of life. Allah (swt) says “(And remember) when Allah took a covenant from those who were given the Book to make it clear to mankind and not to hide it but they threw it away behind their backs and purchased with it some miserable gain. And indeed worst is that which they bought” (aali I’mraan 3:187) and “Say: ‘O mankind! Verily I am sent to you all as the messenger of Allah'” (al A’raaf 7:158) and Allah (swt) says “And We have sent you not but as a mercy to the a’lameen.” (al Anbiyaa 21:107)

7) The Right to have their wealth protected from theft and destruction by the Islamic authority and the Muslims in general. It is reported by Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet (saw) said "A thief is not a believer at the time of his stealing." (BUKHAARI, MUSLIM) and "It is prohibited for the Muslim to take (so much as) a stick without the consent of its owner." (IBN HIBBAAN)

8) The Right not to be exploited and robbed by the economic crime of Usury [Interest, Insurance etc] Allah (swt) prohibited the Muslims from receiving or giving usury either to Muslims or non-Muslims, Allah (swt) says “O you who believe! Have taqwa of Allah and give up what remains of usury, if you are truly believers, but if you do not then take notice of war from Allah and His messenger…” (al Baqarah 2:278-279) and Jaabir reported that "The Messenger of Allah (saw) cursed the devourer of usury, its payer, its scribe and its witnesses. And he said they are equal (in sin)." (MUSLIM) Compare this economic revolution of justice with the secular world economy which is dominated by the parasites of banking, interest, insurance and other slave contracts of deception where wealth is usurped for no return. Look how interest debt has led to millions of homeless and millions of starving people and state supported theft of people’s hard earned wealth. Look to all the social and crime problems associated with the consequences of interest debt.

9) Right not to be cheated by any contract of business or otherwise by any Muslim whether from the government or the general Muslim ummah. This applies also with regards to Peace Treaties, the jizya contract with the non-muslim citizens and it also applies in the absence of Darul Islam. A Muslim must never cheat anyone against the agreement he has made whether the contractor is a Muslim or non-Muslim. Allah (swt) says “O you who believe! Fulfil your contracts” (al Maai’dah 5:1) and "Woe to those who give short measure. Those who when they have to receive measure from men, demand full measure. And when they have to give by measure or weight to men, give less than due." (al Mutaffifeen 83:1-3) Compare this to the multi-national corporations which do not only cheat their own employees and countrymen out of their own wealth but are busy assisting imperial armies steal the wealth of foreign nations under the guise of reconstruction and development.

10) Not to be sold any defective goods while given the impression that such were functional. It is prohibited for a Muslim to conceal the defects of that which he sells, whether he sells to Muslims or Non-Muslims. Waathilah bin al Asqaa'a reported that Rasool Allah (saw) said "Whoever sells a defective thing without disclosing it continues to be under the Anger of Allah or Angels continue to curse him." (IBN MAAJAH)

11) Not to suffer the exploitation of Monopolies. This right includes the freedom from monopoly orientated or oligarchical restraints placed upon consumers and producers such as copyright, patent and other scandalous tools of monopoly. Ma'mar reported that Rasool Allah (saw) said "Whoever monopolizes is a sinner." (MUSLIM) and U'mar reported that Rasool Allah (saw) said "...and the monopolizer is cursed." (IBN MAAJAH, DAARIMI) and Mua'dh reported that he heard the Prophet (saw) say "Bad is he who monopolizes. If Allah makes commodities cheap, he becomes aggrieved and if He makes them become expensive, he becomes pleased." (RAZEEN, BAYHAQI) Contrast this Islamic guarantee of economic growth, diversity and distribution with the way the secular States protect the monopolizing multi-natural corporations which prevent distribution, discovery and progress through greed and forceful control even if it means loss of millions of lives due to prevention to produce life saving medicine.

12) The Right to be treated with kindness and total justice when not acting with hostility to Islam and Muslims. Allah (swt) says "Allah does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who fought not against you on account of religion nor drove you out of your homes. Verily, Allah loves those who deal with justice." (al Mumtahinah 60:8) and Allah (swt) says “And come not near to the orphans property except to improve it, until he attains maturity and give full measure and full weight with justice [bil qist]. We burden not any soul more than it can bear. And whenever you give your word, then do justice [faa’adiloo] even if a near relative is concerned, and fulfil the covenant of Allah, this He commands you that you may remember.” (al Ana’m 6:152) and "Verily, Allah commands justice and kindness nd giving to kinsfolk and forbids from fahsaa [lewdness] munkar [wrong] and baghi [rebellion]. He exhorts you that you may take heed." (an Nahl 16:90)

13) To receive fair trial and judgement in any judicial proceeding. Allah (swt) says “…and when you judge between men, then judge with justice…” (an Nisaa’ 4:58) and "And do not eat up one another's property unjustly nor give bribery to the judges that you may knowingly eat up a part of the property of others sinfully." (al Baqarah 2:188) Abu Hurayrah said “The Messenger of Allah (saw) cursed the one who bribes and the one who takes bribes to pass judgements.” (AHMAD, ABU DAWOOD, IBN MAAJAH, TIRMIDHI, NASAA’I, graded ‘saheeh’ by IBN HIBBAAN) and It is reported that the Prophet (saw) said "The curse of Allah is on the one who offers the bribe and on the judge who accepts it." (AHMAD, TIRMIDHI, IBN HIBBAAN) and Thawbaan said "The Messenger of Allah (saw) cursed the one who offers the bribe, the one who receives it and the one who arranges it." (AHMAD, AL HAAKIM) Let us view this most important of Islamic rights, the right to be judged fairly and according to the criteria of the Divine, Supreme and unchanging law, as compared to the man-made law in secular societies which is based upon random judgements from people gathered from the streets (i.e. juries) and ability to pay lawyers who will lie on behalf of the highest bidder and additionally the basis of that law itself which emanates from small groups of men legislating on behalf of minority elite interests at the expense and detriment of the majority of people, laws that change almost every day and by their nature are unable to decide what is right and what is wrong.

14) Right to be undisturbed by their non-Muslim neighbours, this applies also when Muslims are living in non-Muslim lands e.g. A Muslim should never make any noise to disturb his neighbours, nor damage their property and tranquility. Abu Hurayrah reported that Rasool Allah (saw) said “By Allah he does not believe, By Allah he does not believe, By Allah he does not believe!” Someone asked ‘Who O Rasool Allah?’ He (saw) replied “He whose neighbour is not safe from his mischief?” (BUKHAARI, MUSLIM) Allah (swt) says "Worship Allah and join not any partners with Him and do good to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, those in need, neighbours who are near, the companions by your side, the wayfarer and what your right hands possess, for Allah loves not the arrogant the vain glorious." (an Nisaa' 4:36) The classical scholar of Tafseer [Quranic commentary] said concerning this verse, 'As for the neighbour, Allah may He be exalted, has ordered us, in His Book and through his prophet, to protect him, to respect his rights and to care about his welfare. Do you not see that He, may He be glorified, has mentioned the neighbour after the parents and the close relatives, for He, may He be exalted, says, "neighbours who are near [al jar dhi'l qurba]" meaning those who are related to you and "neighbours who are strangers [al Jar al junub]" meaning those who are not related to you. This is the saying of Ibn A'bbaas (A companion of the Prophet <saw> who was expert in Quranic commentary)' Imaam al Qurtubi also says 'On this basis, concern for neighbours is a religious duty, regardless whether they are Muslim or disbeliever and this is the sound view.' (QURTUBI 'Al Jaami' li Ahkaamil Quran') and A'bdah ibn Ali Lubabah reported that the Prophet (saw) said "No action which harms a neighbour can be regarded as insignificant." (IBN ABI SHAYBAH, TABARAANI in 'Mujam al Kabeer', ABU NUA'YM in 'al Hilyatul Awliyaa' from Umm Salamah) Compare this Islamic directive for social harmony, respect and tranquillity with the secular world which encourages its citizens to absolve themselves from responsibility while relying on a career pursuing paid police force. Look to how there are constant frictions and troubles in neighbourhoods where every man is for himself and rather than giving to his neighbours he is quick to take advantage of their vulnerability and weaknesses and even steal from them.

15) The Right to trade and increase wealth and not to be robbed of his/her personal property whether by force or deception. Allah (swt) says "And among His signs is the sleep that you take by night and by day and your seeking of His bounty. Verily, in that are indeed signs for people who listen." (ar Room 30:23) and "...And you see the ships in it (the ocean), cleaving the waves, that you may seek of His bounty and that you may be thankful." (Faatir 35:12) and "It is He Who has made the earth submissive to you, so traverse its paths and eat of what He provides you..." (al Mulk 67:15) and "...Allah has permitted trade and has forbidden usury..." (al Baqarah 2:282) and "...And give full measure and weight with justice..." (al Ana'm 6:152) and Allah (swt) says "Say: 'Who has forbidden the adornments of Allah, which He has provided for his servants and the pure, good things for sustenance?' Say: 'They are in the life of this world for those who believe, and purely for them on the Day of Judgement...'" (al A'raaf 7:32) and "And He has subjected to you all that is in the heavens and on the earth..." (al Jaatheeyah 45:13) and "And give full measure when you measure and weigh with the straight balance that is most fitting and best in the final determinantion." (al Israa 17:35) and Khawlah al Ansaariyah reported that the Prophet (saw) said "Some men wrongfully acquire the property of Allah and they will go to Hell on the Day of Resurrection" (BUKHAARI)

16) To be fed by his Muslim neighbours if he is in need of food. Ibn A'bbaas reported that the Prophet (saw) said "He is not a believer, the one who eats to his fill whilst his neighbour besides him goes hungry" (BUKHAARI, HAAKIM, AL KHATEEB similar collected by AL BAZZAAR from Anas) and Abu Dharr reported that the Prophet (saw) said "Whenever you cook some stew add extra water to it, then look to some household in your neigbourhood and give it to them in kindness" (MUSLIM) Compare this to the common situation where people’s neighbours are found to have been dead in their houses for several days with no-one knowing nor showing concern.

17) The Right to privacy and non-interference in their affairs except that which is manifested so that it is harmful to society. The citizens of Darul Islam have a right to privacy and not to be spied upon. Islam prohibits that the government can start to spy on its own people whether Muslim or non-Muslim. This is very different from those secular States such as the USA, Britain and all others who spend billions of dollars spying on their citizens and listening to all of their conversations even in the privacy of their own homes. Islam prohibited all of that. Allah (swt) says concerning the home "And Allah has made for you in your homes a place of tranquillity..." (an Nahl 16:80) A'li ibn al Husayn reported that the Prophet (saw) said "It is part of the excellence of a man's Islam to leave that which does not concern him." (MAALIK, AHMAD also in TIRMIDHI from Abu Hurayrah) and Ibn A'bbaas reported that the Prophet (saw) said "If anyone listened to the talk of some people, when they do not like him to do that, then molten lead will be poured into his ears on the Day of Resurrection." (BUKHAARI) and it is reported that the Prophet (saw) said "If someone peeps into the house of a people, without their permission, it becomes allowable for them to gouge out his eye" (BUKHAARI, MUSLIM) and Abu Haytham said 'The scribe of U'qbah bin A'mir, a companion of the Prophet (saw) narrated 'I said to U'qbah bin A'mir 'Some of our neighbours drink wine, and I am going t call the police and have them arrested.' He said 'Do not do so, but advise them and warn them.' I said 'I told them to stop it but they do not listen to me, I am therefore going to inform the police and have them arrested.' U'qbah then said 'Woe to you! Do not do that, for I heard the messenger of Allah (saw) say, "If one conceals the private affairs (of others) it is like reviving a girl who has been buried alive, from her grave." (ABU DAWOOD, IBN HIBBAAN, AL HAAKIM, NASAA'I)

18) The Right to the Deeya [Blood Money of Compensation] in case of injury through negligence, manslaughter or murder. Allah (swt) says "And if he comes from a people between whom you have a covenant, then the blood-money must be paid unto his people and a believing slave must be set free" (an Nisaa' 4:92) and Ibn A'bbaas reported that the Prophet (saw) said "If anyone is killed in error, or by throwing with a stone, or with a slash or with a stick then the compensation for accidental death is due..." (ABU DAWOOD, NASAA'I, IBN MAAJAH) The opinion of Imaam Abu Haneefah, Imaam Sufyaan ath-Thawri and others among the Tabi'een [the generation after the companions of the Prophet<saw>] is that the blood-money of the non-Muslim is the same as the Muslim and this has also been attributed to Ibn Masoo'd, U'mar and U'thmaan among the sahaabah [campanions of the Prophet<saw>]. The second view is that the blood-money of the Non-Muslim is one half that of the Muslim and this was the view of Imaam Maalik and of U'mar ibn A'bdul A'zeez. Another view is that the deeya of the non-Muslim is one third of that of the Muslim and this was the view of Imaam ash-Shafi'i and also attributed to U'mar ibn al Khattaab. Let us contrast this with USA, Russia, Israel, Britain and India who regularly bomb, murder and maim thousands of people men, women and children. Instead of compensating them or admitting their murderous hate-filled intentions you hear their government officials say to the nature of ‘We remember our civilians on 9/11’! Amazing that their memories conveniently forget that which preceded that event such as the first Invasion of Iraq, the ten year bombing of Iraq, the systematic sanction-murder of half a million Iraqi children, the first bombing of Afghanistan, the bombing of Libya, the American and Israeli occupation of Lebanon, the shooting down of an Iranian airliner, the constant funding and arming of Israel to murder thousands of Muslim civilians, the arms embargo on Bosnian Muslims so they could not defend themselves from mass murder, rape and torture. They also choose to forget 500 years of colonization (i.e. murder, rape, plunder) which they continue today by supporting every murderous tyrant regime in the Muslim world while stealing the resources.

19) The Right of Compensation and Judicial reproach in case of medical mal-practice. A'mr bin Shua'yb reported on his fathers authority rom his grandfather that the Prophet (saw) said "Anyone who practices medicine when he is not known as a practicioner and kills a life or inflicts bodily harm will be held responsible." (DARAQUTNI graded 'saheeh' by AL HAAKIM also similar in ABU DAWOOD & NASAA'I. Ibn Hajr al Asqalaani mentioned that its mursal version is stronger than its mawsool version)

20) Right of Movement and Travel except the encroachment onto privately owned property or that which is a matter of restriction for believers. Allah (swt) says "He it is who created for you all that is on earth..." (al Baqarah 2:30) and "And Allah has made for you out that which He has created shades and has made for you places of refuge in the mountains..." (an Nahl 16:81) and "Say: ‘Travel through the earth and see how Allah did originate creation: so will Allah produce a later creation: for Allah has power over all things." (al A’nkaboot 29:20) and "And (He created) Horses, mules and donkeys for you to ride and as an adornment..." (an Nahl 16:8) and "And Allah has spread out the earth for you, so that you may make your way through its spacious paths." (Nooh 71:19-20) In Britain, USA and the tyrannical Muslim world you can not walk anywhere without being asked by the police ‘Who are you, what are you doing, where are you going?’ On top of that, every country is now a prison, no escape without showing a plethora of documents and having paid your escape fees. Travel is no longer a human right but a permission selectively granted by the oppressive prison-State.

21) Right of linguistic, literal and artistic expression except that which contradicts the rights of society and contradicts the shariah law such as slander, blasphemy etc. Allah (swt) says "And among his signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the difference of your languages and colours. Verily in that are indeed signs for those who reflect." (ar Room 30:22) and "The Most Merciful [Ar Rahmaan] has taught the Quran. He created man. He taught him eloquent speech." (ar Rahmaan 55:1-4) and "Have We not made for him a pair of eyes, and a tongue and a pair of lips?" (al Balad 90:8-9) and Ibn Masoo'd reported that the Prophet (saw) said "Allah is Beautiful and he loves that which is beautiful" (MUSLIM) Art in the Americas is taking the portrayal of lesbianism, pornography and dead sheep, in the Muslim world the art is to make gigantic idols of the tyrant leaders. In the USA, Britain and France if you speak out against the crimes of the State you are imprisoned and called a terrorist but if you insult a prophet or mock a religion you are termed ‘progressive’. In the tyrannical east, if you speak out against the State you disappear without a trace.

22) The Right not to be oppressed by any government official or Muslim citizen. Oppression in the shari'ah means the abuse or hindrance to any rights which the Divine texts guarantee to any particular person whether a husaband, wife, parents, children, relatives, neighbours, Muslim or non-Muslim. Allah (swt) says “And incline not towards those who oppress lest the Fire should touch you and you have no protectors other than Allah and nor would you then be helped.” (Hood 11:113) Ibn U'mar reported that the Prophet (saw) said "Oppression will turn into darkness on the Day of Resurrection" (BUKHAARI, MUSLIM) and Abu Dharr reported that the Prophet (saw) said that Allah ta'Ala said "O My slaves, I have made oppression unlawful for Myself and I have made it unlawful among you, so do not oppress one another." (MUSLIM) Oppression is the norm in the whole world and is getting worse.

23) Right not to be exposed to public indecency such as nudity, pornography, crude speech, prostitution and its like. Abu Darda' reported that the Prophet (saw) said "Allah hates the profligate and the obscene [faahish]" (TIRMIDHI who graded it 'saheeh') and Allah (swt) says "O children of Adam! Take your adornment and eat and drink but waste not by extravagance, verily He likes not the musrifoon" (al A'raaf 7:31) and "O Children of Adam! We have bestowed raiment upon you to cover yourselves and as an adornment and the raiment of righteousness that is better. Such are among the Signs of Allah." (al A'raaf 7:26) and "O Children of Adam! Let not Shaytaan [Satan] deceive you as he deceived your parents out of Paradise stripping them of their clothes, to show them their private parts..." (al A'raaf 7:27) Compare these Islamic rights which honour women and protect the dignity and humanity of society with the global secular way of life propagated by regimes which have reduced humanity to animals. Societies which have reduced women to an advertising tool and indeed reduced women to a commodity, to be sold, used and discarded. Look to how women can not travel anywhere without fear of rape or assault due to the public promoting her only through means of nudity, pornography, prostitution and sexual promiscuity. Under the falsehood of ‘liberation’ women have been reduced to a slave of every selfish and abusive man.

24) Right to experience the Mercy of Islam in the just dealings with the Muslim citizens. Jabir bin A'bdullah reported that the Prophet (saw) said "Allah is not merciful to him who is not merciful to people" (BUKHAARI, MUSLIM) and Abdullah ibn A'mr said that the Prophet (saw) said "The Merciful One shows mercy to those who are merciful (to others). So show mercy to whatever is on earth, then He who is in heaven will show mercy to you." (ABU DAWOOD, TIRMIDHI)

25) The Right not to suffer environmental destruction, pollution and extravagant wastage. It is prohibited for Muslims to damage the environment in anyway without a necessity. Allah (swt) says "And the stars and the trees both prostrate themselves, and the heaven He has raised high, and He has set up the balance, in order that you may not transgress the balance, and observe the weight with equity and do not make the balance deficient, and the earth he has laid down for the creatures" (ar Rahmaan 55:6-10) and “…But be not extravagant. Verily He loves not the musrifeen (extravagant and wasteful).” (al Ana’m 6:141) and "Corruption has appeared on the land and sea because of what men have earned with their own hands, that He (Allah) may make them taste a part of that which they have done, in order that they may return" (ar Room 30:41) and "Do no mischief on the earth after it has been set in order, but call on Him in fear and hope for the Mercy of Allah is near to those who do good" (al A'raaf 7:59) and Abu Hurayrah reported that Rasool Allah (saw) said “Imaan has sixty-odd or seventy-odd branches, the highest and best of which is to affirm laa ilaaha ill Allah and the lowest of which is to remove something harmful from the road, hayaa [modesty] is also part of imaan” (BUKHAARI, MUSLIM) and Abu Hurayrah reported that the Prophet (saw) said "While a man was walking along he came across a thorny branch on the road and he removed it. Allah praised him for that and forgave him." (BUKHAARI) Compare the Islamic rules of conservation with the corrupt secular leaders who continue to receive funds to turn a blind eye to the environmental destruction caused by the usurping multi-national corporations.